Let the bul figure


What it is

What it should be

Let me


And fall

With these thoughts

Which are mine

Must find

Whichever is

Timely enough

Really haven’t wrote on here since when? Then?

The last moment that I wrote on here , it was the conclusion of getting some very disgusting people out of my cipher.

I have decided that I have needed less.

I am happy with my Wife.

I like to be in her time , on her time and for her time.

I love the support that I get from all of you guys everywhere.

You really take to my shows , my pics , and what my artist life is all about.

That makes me feel extremely proud about everything , and just about anything I can look to accomplish on this portal.

This is making me feel more content than looking at stupid Craigslist ads.

Craigslist ads sometimes drive me sick.

They make me feel like everything in my life is impossible to reach in the work world.

They make me feel like , inquiring about the work world is a complete waste of time.

I don’t like making that many tags.

Tags take up a whole lot of time.

Time is something that I don’t feel I am comfortable in having.

I want you to all enjoy what I have right here.

EnhanSoul The Night of The Black Bird

The night was dark. The colors were fitting the mode of the people. It was an away show. It definitely felt like we were performing in hostile territory with the looks , sentiments , and feelings of some people. All I wanted to do was figure out my instructions with the band collaborators , get a hint for the program , and mentally prepare myself. So , these shots are primarily done in anger , using people’s hostility as a transformation process , and rising to the occasion , ala , my Inner Michael Jordan , in the face of detected negative sentiments , vibes , and unruly intentions. Well , I hope that you appreciate the beauty.

Lagitana Reassures

The reading message was that I didn’t have to worry about the battles ahead. That , because there were three cArds here , everything would be ok. They must serve as protection. Against a time that I would find myself in a panic. I didn’t panic though. Not with this current conflict. The hurt , shocked in my brain. But I was mature. And I instantly disconnected our communication. Since I let you get a pass with your first red flag. The side of forgiveness says. Be a diplomat. Because that person anointed you as their friend. And if they were so much of my friend , wouldn’t they know my activities? If they were my friend , why would they attempt to tear down what I believe? When everything about it , has all of the positive means?

This Morning. And Now.

  • The camera sits in front of me not charged. The outlet in front of me sucks. It’s stuck. The same way a piece of a knife or jagged metal lay. Crested. Like a monument of , this here , is lodged like Arthur’s Sword. And No generation of man is deemed worthy. Not even Thor would sign up for God like status. To wrestle the particle of element free. Because rescue 911 is somewhere. In the back of OUR minds. Hair standing at attention. Fried crispy like southern bojangles chicken. I may not live to tell about it.

I remember my phone dying. It turning on at 39% , a clear indicator that it will check in heavy weather. It’s just holding its numeric now. Not increasing. Bar of lightning. Stuck. Like its target destination was the field of the same place.